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Card Personalization

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Card Personalization
Ascot offers a completely flexible approach to Card Personalization, both in terms of technology and size of the project as a truly independent provider of solutions. Ascot can embrace any Card Personalization technology currently available in today’s marketplace.

Card Personalization Service includes:

Thermal Printing.
Magnetic Stripe Encoding.
Chip Initialization.
High Speed Ink Jetting.

Our Services

Embossing and Encoding.
Photo ID Printing.
Random number/Pin generation capability for Pre-paid and scratch-off cards.
Card Carrier/ Insert Design
Printing of marketing material to accompany card mailer.
Welcome letter printing.
Collation of mailer/card stuffing.
Mail Out and Dispatch.

Our Solutions

Customer Loyalty Programmes.
Card Design and Supporting Stationery Products.
Hardware Selection for Personalization.
Data Processing and Management.
Technical Training for Channel Partners.

Product Features
Special features: Thermal printing of text, name, PIN numbers or automated lists may be printed directly on each card, · Hole and eyelet punching - slot, round, various sizes and shapes
Place of origin: India


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